Are Bulk Flowers Right For You?

DIY Bulk Flowers can be a great way to save money on a big event. Before you commit to DIY, it’s important to ask yourself if bulk flowers are right for you.

DIY Events

Bulk Flowers

Are you doing flowers for your event on a budget? Are you flexible about the colors and style of your flowers? Are you or someone who’s helping you…

  • able to devote a large chunk of time to designing the flowers on the day of the event?
  • able to store the flowers in a cool dark place until the event?

If so, DIY flowers may be right for you!

Design by Violet Floral
Photo by Mallory Wilson

Details & Pricing

Every bucket contains an assortment of flowers and foliage ($75 each). Minimum orders are $225. We will select a mix of colors. On the inquiry form below you can tell us about your desires, but we cannot guarantee any specific flower or color.

After you fill out the form below, you can expect to hear back from us in 24 hours if your date is available. A $75 deposit is required before we can reserve your date.

You can make your deposit by purchasing “DIY Bulk Flower Deposit” from the shop. Delivery is $3 per mile or you can pick up from the farm.

Photo by Chrissanth Gross

DIY Bulk Flower Form

Discover Our Flowers

This list is not completely comprehensive, but it will give you a brief history of what flowers we offer, where they come from and what time of year you can expect to see them in bloom.

More than just flowers.

Environmental responsibility and stewardship is at the core of our business. That’s why we’re dedicated to education, conservation, and planting endangered flowers. Click below to find out more about how get involved.


April – November


1950 Perlman Place
Baltimore, MD 21213 USA


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