Event Flowers Deposit


Are you doing flowers for your event on a budget? Are you flexible about the colors and style of your flowers? Are you or someone who’s helping you…

  • able to devote a large chunk of time to designing the flowers on the day of the event?
  • able to store the flowers in a cool dark place until the event?

If so, DIY flowers may be right for you!


*See the Events page for more information about making your Event Flower Deposit! Be sure to fill out the Bulk Flower Form on the Event Page and once we confirm your date we’ll send you a link to this page to make your deposit.

On the day you receive your flowers you’ll be billed for the full cost of your flowers and delivery (if you picked up your flowers you will not be billed for delivery) minus your $75.00 deposit. Delivery is $3 per mile or you can pick up from the farm.


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