Dried Posy Mix – Pack of 6


Have you ever needed a way to show your love in a big, yet, compact way? These dried mini bouquets have the perfect charm without being either too big or too small.

Order a six posy mix of colors, each completely unique. These flowers are dry so you can use them throughout the year.


Dried posies make a great gift to send your penpals, a thoughtful addition to a gift card, table markers, goodie bags and wedding favors, an elegant table dressing for a feast, or even just a simple token of love from one to another. Each dried miniature arrangement (8″-10″) comes wrapped in twine and paper with a wooden tag you can optionally attach. Some flowers you may see in these unique posies include but are not limited to: roses, marigolds, calendulas, delphiniums, asters, grains and grasses, milkweed pods, lavender, yarrow, cornflowers, celosia, gomphrena, echinacea, thistles, safflower and hydrangea.


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